Monday, September 14, 2009


When I was a junior in high school, my family spent spring break in NYC. One of my mom and I's outings was to Trish McEvoy's original office (in her hubby's derm office) to get our make-up done. I remember being wonderfully amazed. Unlike the typical woman behind the Clinque office, this woman doing my makeup was as artist. She actually knew what she was doing and as a client, I learned much from her.

Besides the make-up, my mom bought me a set of TM's make-up brushes. I remember thinking, "wow- that's kind of expensive for an eye shadow brush... I just use the little q-tip like thing in my old make-up". The woman explained to me that the brushes were an investment... they are wonderful, high-end tools that if maintained properly would last more than 10 years.

As I was cleaning the house the past few days, I came across my make-up brushes. Sure enough, they've lasted for over 10 years. Purchased at 17, they are still in wonderful condition. I clean them religiously and store them properly... who knows how long I'll have them!!

I just love products like this... wonderfully made and that stands the test of time. Sure, I have to give my brushes a bath every few months. But for me, that's a small cost.

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Ashley said...

Amy - sometimes I can't believe how much alike we are :) I was raised strictly on "quality over quantity." I too have nice make up brushes from junior high even. As a side note I wanted to mention that I love the bare escentuals make up brush cleaner. I love the blog, keep it up and you'll have a movie like Julie and Julia based on you!