Friday, September 11, 2009

Fall Cleaning

So, Matt is away in Boston visiting some high school friends for the weekend. That means I'm cleaning the house. But it's not just cleaning: I'm super-dee-duper cleaning for fall!! And honestly, it's the perfect day for it... pouring rain, wind, and grey skies.

When I sat down to make a room-by-room list of everything I needed to do for this, I was overwhelmed, to say the least. But, I finally checked out Fly Lady and she has a pretty good list. I'm a fan of Fly Lady because she's real and is very encouraging in the home making department. I know she is a bit over the top sometimes (getting dressed to the shoes??) and her style is by no means practical for everyone, but overall she's a winner

Here is her list for doing a detailed cleaning of your home:
The List

Now, there are things I'm adding because I'm viewing this cleaning journey like spring cleaning in the fall. I'll be washing pillows, wiping walls, and cleaning behind the fridge, too.

Happy cleaning!

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Lin C said...

behind the refrigerator - you are an over achiever. Me - I'm trying to clean my blinds - they are getting gummy!!!