Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Recipe

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I only got up once during the night to pee; I slept until 9am; I found some great deals on cute baby clothes and Christmas decorations; I baked 2 dozen banana muffins (1 dozen for here, 1 dozen for Matt to take to work); I did laundry; I did dishes; and, I tried a new recipe.

I pulled this recipe from Rachel Ray's magazine, which is odd since I don't particularly care for her. I don't mind her, but I'm not a fan, per se. Anyway, it had so many yummy things: dough, meat, potatoes, horseradish... how does a pregnant girl deny that??

I have been trying to make it for a month or two, but the planets never aligned and it just sat on top of the recipe list. But tonight was the night- and it was so yummy!! Matt actually said, "This is my favorite thing you've made". A definite keeper (both Matt and the recipe).

Some notes on the recipe:
  • This makes LOTS of food... the picture doesn't communicate this well- it can easily be halved for me and Matt (which is great, considering how randomly expensive puff pastry sheets are).
  • Compiling/prepping all of the ingredients to go into the pastry is super easy. The most tedious part of it is rolling out the puff pastry sheet to a larger size on a floured piece of parchment paper. Make sure to flour somewhat liberally. I also marked the parchment paper so that I could roll the pastry sheet to the right size and it worked well.
  • I didn't do a formal side dish tonight (I had been on my feet all day and just couldn't bring myself to do one more thing), but I did serve it with grapes, celery, and carrots. Because the dish is so heavy, I think a great, green salad would go wonderfully as a side. Be sure to salt and pepper, as noted in the recipe. The recipe has a great flavor, but Matt and I love love love horseradish, so we spread it on as we ate, too.
Happy cooking!

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