Thursday, January 28, 2010

Follow-Up On My Inability to Simmer and What-Not

I was lamenting my simmering saga from the Beef Stew to my oven repair man, Canady (like "Canada" with a "y" and no- I did not call him to fix the simmer, but because the oven makes the stop top super hot, which I learned is totally normal...). Anyway, he informed me that if you have a gas stove-top, one of the inner burners will be smaller than the others and that is the burner to use for simmering. Sweet. Good to know. I will try that.

My mom said that I can buy a diffuser to attach to the burner to help spread out the heat and simmer better. I will try that next.

She also mentioned that we do in fact have a family recipe file. News to me (and probably news to anyone who is in my family). My mom used to make bowls of popcorn for dinner- and I'm not complaining; I just can't imagine what's been collected over the years. Supposedly she's going to send me a copy of it (assuming she's not offended by me outing her with the popcorn dinners-which were fabulous). Stay tuned.

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