Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Am I Really This Bored??

I have decided to start a new blog, in addition to The Franck Files. This way, I have a dedicated space to chronicle my life as I become a home maker. It will include new recipes, projects, and all of the successes and failures I endure in the process. Feel free to check back and laugh!


Kim said...

I love it!!

Lauren J. said...

Too funny, I was just about to say what Kim said. This is so cute! I can't wait to see your pillow.

The George Family said...

Yey! I am excited to read all about your class... I learned to sew one christmas break in college and I love it!

mama celoni said...

How fun!! I just left a comment about your yummy applesauce, but don't really know how to sign it. So I'm trying again. Now I want to hide this so Kim won't know what a old fogey I am not knowing how this blog thing works. I think I actually have applesauce on my keyboard. Do you know that the Mr. Clean magic erasers are perfect for that? So you learn how to sew, and I will learn how to blog.
Mama Celoni (in case I don't sign out right.)