Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Pillow

Yesterday was my first sewing class, and I successfully completed my pillow!! Aren't you so proud of me!?!? I have enough yardage to make a second pillow, so I'm going to undertake that in a day or so. But, of course, I have to purchase all of the cutting supplies, which means another trip to JoAnn's :)

Like a child holding up a finger painting...

The pillow in all of it's glory!
Now that I have the pillow (and soon-to-be two pillows) I have no idea what to do with them... I wish we had our sofa!! I'm planning on taking a basic quilting class in January, so until then:
1. I'm going to practice threading/re-threading my machine on a (somewhat) regular basis.
2. I'm going to practice threading the bobbin on a (somewhat) regular basis.
3. I'm going to practice sewing a straight line on a (somewhat) regular basis.
If you know of any basic, beginner projects that would be good for me, please let me know!! If I can't find anything else, I'll be making 14"x14" pillows for months-on-end and everyone will be getting one for Christmas :)


The George Family said...

Yey!! Good job on the pillow. I love your photo with the pillow... you look so adorable!

Ramsey said...

you could finish my guitar pillow from 6th grade home-ec class

Amy Franck said...

I plan on it, Ramsey.