Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Home Made Apple Sauce

It was a first for me, yesterday- I made home made apple sauce!! I had lots of left over apples and while I froze about 8 cups of sliced apples (for breads, pies, etc), I decided to use 6 of the small ones for apple sauce. I made it in a crockpot, so the method is a bit untraditional. But, it made our cottage smell so yummy for hours and hours while it cooked. Here is a link to recipe:

What I Did:
I chose this recipe because it was simple, straight-forward, and only had 1T of sugar in it. I used bottled lemon juice and 6 small apples, in leiu of 4 large apples. To mash the apples, I used my potato masher and had excellent results. It made about 2 cups of apple sauce, which we will eat through the week. Apple sauce is also easy to freeze (and I've heard it can last years), so if you have a lot of apples or little kiddos, apple sauce could be a good idea.

What I Learned:
If I could do it over again, I would use 2 more small apples. There was a bit too much liquid left after cooking. Also, the apple sauce is very orange, and I don't know why! Maybe the cinnamon I used dyed everything?? The apple sauce is good, but it's missing a flavor... not quite sure what it is.

If you happen to have a good apple sauce recipe, please let me know!!


The George Family said...

Here is how I make Henry's (and Bryan likes it too!) I start by peeling, core and quarter my apples. Then I use my Le Crueset and put about an inch of water in the bottom. I add the apples, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and lemon juice (all to taste- it took me a couple tries to figure out what we liked) and then I slow cook it on the stove for a couple hours (or shorter if I am in a hurry). When it is done, the apples smell amazing and I use my cuisinart to puree (but you could just do a fork mash).

Anonymous said...

Ya'll work too hard for applesauce! I don't bother with the water because...you don't need it. I just cook them up till they mash up. I like the idea of vanilla. My pot is still on stove, cooling. I think I will heat it up and add it. Thanks

Ashley said...

I made homemade applesauce for the first time this summer too! MacIntosh apples are the best for it. Did you add sugar and a pinch of salt? Those are the only other ingredients I use. I think leaving peels on the apples makes it a pretty pink color. This is super simple, but it's really good. And yeah, I would just put a very little bit of water in the pot.

The George Family said...

ooh, I like Ashley's idea of leaving the skins on...

Amy Franck said...

Now I need to make a few more batches :)