Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dinner Party Review

Matt and I hosted our first dinner party in our new home last night! Some friends from church have included us in their tradition of rotating dinner each week. One couple hosts/cooks the main course, one brings a salad, one brings a dessert, and one couple is "off" and doesn't bring anything. We feel so, so blessed to have met these friends; we just laugh for hours when we're with them :)

Anyway, here is what I made:

Barefoot Contessa Turkey Meatloaf: Yes, I'm still on my BC kick... I was really excited about this dish! The online reviews for her recipe are all great and it was a good size for our group. I hadn't had meatloaf since my mom made it when I was about 5, but it was really good and very moist! Even though it takes 5 lbs of turkey, it feeds 8 well. I might up the ketchup on top to 1 cup next time. Oh, and you need a really, really large bowl to mix everything in before shaping it into a loaf :)

Glazed Carrots: I made these once before but couldn't remember them. Turns out that they aren't that memorable! They were a decent side dish, but I'm looking for new recipes...

Green Beans with Shallots: I decided to try this Food Network recipe and it was pretty good. I still like my almond, lemon, and butter green beans better, but I will make these again.

I also learned something about tea kettles... if you fill them above the "max fill" line, they over flow... who knew!?

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