Monday, March 2, 2009

No, I haven't disappeared or fallen into a deep hole :) It's just that my domestic life hasn't been too interesting lately... we've been busy with travels and work, so I feel like I'm keeping up just enough to get by. But, I wanted to share something that is now sitting on my desk.

Spring Cleaning
Are you ready for it? I'm not, but I love the list. It makes me want her book!!

Also, I'm having 2 other couples for dinner tomorrow night! Matt and I have been included in a dinner party group that meets at a different home every Tuesday. There are usually 4 couples, but one can't make it this week. It's finally our turn to host and I'm really excited. We have a snow-day today so I'll be spending most of it sorting, organizing, and cleaning so that the house looks nice. Matt was super excited that it snowed because it meant that he could get away with NOT raking up the leaves (yes, Matt never raked before the snow fell... so, we have to deal with leaves in the spring). I'm trying a few new recipes for the dinner, and I'll be sure to post how they turn out.

More to come later!


Lin C said...

Don't worry about the leaves - they make good natural mulch!!!!
Glad you dinner party went well. You should start a party journal.
Mama Celoni

A Mommy said...

Definitely let me know if there's important stuff in the Spring Cleaning book! We didn't really do SC growing up, so it's a little bit of an anomaly to me.