Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Dilema

I find that I post infrequently and it bothers me. But, I think I know why: I'm very unimpressed with what I do around the home. And, I'm sure other people are equally unimpressed listening to me talk about how I followed a recipe. This was greatly reinforced when I watched "Julie and Julia" this weekend with some friends in Dallas. You will never see me bone a duck or cook a live lobster. It's just not in the cards for this girl.

But, I LOVE what I do around our home. The planning, prepping, and cooking; the sorting, organizing, and cleaning. And, I love keeping a record of it. So I'm going to continue :)

Tomorrow: this week's co-op pick-up!!


Lizzy said...

I like hearing about it, so keep it up! Wasn't Julie and Julie so great?! I'm going to cooking school starting Monday, so I'm afraid boning a duck is in my VERY immediate future! Eeek!

The George Family said...

I agree! I love hearing what you are doing... but I feel the same way. Who cares that today I did 3 loads of laundry, changed the sheets, watered my plants and made dinner? Can't wait to hear about the co-op, I have been wondering about how it was going, I think we might try it next year