Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zucchini Plan

Yesterday, with 16 zucchini/summer squash on my kitchen counter, I made a plan. How about zucchini soup?? I could cook it up now, freeze it, and then pull it out of the freezer this fall/winter. I hit the computer and found this recipe:

I tasted it and it's GREAT. I did not do the herb thing on top because:
a) I despise the taste of parsley;
b) I'm freezing the soup; and
c) I buy herbs very cautiously (except cilantro, which is the King of Herbs)... If I can't use up all of it, I try to find a way around it.

I do plan on serving this with bread... maybe a garlic-rubbed charred bread (ala Rachel Ray). This recipe took up 8 of the zucchinis. Only 8 to go! My freezer is already full of shredded zucchini from past co-op weeks... we'll be enjoying lots of zucchini bread throughout the fall :) But, I'm sure I'll end up shredding more. Luckily, Matt likes to eat zucchini raw so I keep slicing it and sending it to work with him.


Lizzy said...

So impressed!! I LOVE zucchini. I really like twice baked zucchini. Cut in half, sprinkle with a little evoo/s&p, roast in the oven until tender. Scoop out the middle, mix with an egg, some breadcrumbs, onion, garlic, and some parmesean and stuff back in the shell and then bake until golden brown on top. It's yummy and a great dinner sidedish.

The George Family said...

That is still lots of zucchini! Soup sounds great! I ended up with about 10 last farmers market (I usually just do a "bag" from my fav farm, and the veggies are always different). Here are a few other things I did with mine- slice and freeze for chicken stirfry in the winter ( I do mine with whatever veggies are on sale in the winter), puree (I use puree in LOTS of food that I want to "hide" the veggies, and it is great way to get veggies in (plus it freezes well), like Lizzy, Bryan loves it baked!