Sunday, February 1, 2009


I read somewhere that an easy way to save money was to cut dryer sheets in half. Sure, you're only saving cents/load, but essentially, you'd be getting your dryer sheets for half-off... not bad.

I tried it tonight.

It didn't work.

All of our clothes are full of static and they aren't as soft.

So, save yourself the time and energy- splurge on a full dryer sheet :)


Lin C said...

Good morning sunshine,
OK, yesterday I checked all the adds in the Sunday paper. L'oreal was the cosmetic of choice at CVS - plus there were coupons in the paper for the same items! Double whammy :)
As for your drier sheets - you have to use the good stuff - like Bounce. I have always done that, but today I am trying white vinegar. Thatis supposed to keep things soft and cut out the static. Got to go put them in the dryer. I'll let you know.
Got to go to CVS.

Lin C said...

The vinegar worked pretty well. I had running shorts and a few other nylon type articles, 2 fleecy pieces and one pair of Dan's dress socks. The socks stuck to the fleece a little bit - not bad and the handkerchiefs which are usually the worst were fine. I'll try it again.
Oh, and nothing smelled like vinegar!!!!