Monday, January 25, 2010

Catching-Up and Moving On

The past week has been very exciting for me and Matt... we found out we're having a little boy and my parents came in town for a weekend visit!! So, we've been busy, to say that least :) But these are great things, not only because it's family, but because they're things that make me get off my butt and get the house organized.

One of the most frustrating things about having a high-risk pregnancy is that I haven't been "released" to do much. I can walk and float down a pool on my back- I can't even do the backstroke. I can dust the house, do dishes, and fold laundry, but I can't really clean anything. And that means that Matt is stuck doing a lot of the grunt work. He's happy to do it, of course: he's the sweetest man alive and he would take on any extra responsibilities to have a child. But, I hate it. I feel useless and I hate that he spends his down-time working on our house. I have to say that he did a great job getting everything in order for my parent's visit. The house was clean and organized enough (we did just move 3 weeks ago, so give some grace!), and I feel like we're making some progress here.

Now that we know we're having a boy, I feel like it's going to be easier to get things settled and organized. I am HUGE into envisioning my future and playing out likely/unlikely scenarios for every possible outcome... Matt calls is "worrying"- I call it "processing so I can be organized". Potayto/Potahto. Anyway, now I can see our life in this little house with our baby boy so I'm more energized to get settled. I ordered a diaper bag and some clothes for our little man. As a part of my "processing so I can be organized", I'm beginning to research just how much clothing he'll really need for each stage (input is greatly appreciated). I'm starting to work on the textiles for his room... I'm thinking I might go custom, simply because I want certain things to match. I'm starting to debate BPA free plastic bottles vs. glass ones, and I even cleared a shelf in the kitchen for all of his eating supplies. The list goes on-and-on... but, I feel like I can actually tackle these things... because Baby Boy will be here soon!!

Another thing I'm getting all organized are my coupons. Since we moved in late November and life has been a cluster since that time, I have not kept up on my coupon clipping (gasp!). BUT, we purchased a Sunday paper yesterday and I plan on clipping/filing tonight while watching The Bachelor. I threw out all of the expired ones last night. We needed groceries desperately today, so I scoured the weekly circular to be the biggest opportunist I could be. I got 6 bags of groceries for 48% off with NO coupons... it was all from looking at the circular and shopping the sales. Can you imagine if I had coupons I could match with my purchases? It would have been an epic shopping adventure. Hopefully, I can build my coupon stash in the next few weeks and get back on the saving band-wagon.

So, life here is getting organized to a point where I might actually be able to blog about some of it... don't hold your breath.

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keight dukes said...

you need WAY fewer clothes than you think you do. and even less than you will want to buy. i would say that 30% of clothes that judah has outgrown he wore once or nonce. its heartbreaking, the waste. here's hoping i have several more boys and that i STOP buying things for them.