Monday, January 11, 2010

2010- I Made It

Not only are we finally in California, but we're also finally in our permanent home. I've been moving since the beginning of November and my body, mind, and house can feel it.  It's time to get sorted and organized. It's time for all 5 of us (me, Matt, Hula, Gerdy, and BABY!!) to settle.

I'm super-excited about the un-pack, because for 2 1/2 months I have not really been doing anything house-wifey... just playing the getting-by game. And, typical of me, I have a plan for this: we're going one room at a time.  Tonight and tomorrow is dedicated to finishing the bathroom/hall closet.

Oh- and I actually made a menu for the week- go me!! It's not exciting (lots of easy favorites), but it feels good to be settled in this area for the week :)

Monday: Chicken/noodle casserole
Tuesday: Homemade (but not from scratch...) Tomato Soup
Wednesday: Dinner out to celebrate finding out the gender of our baby!!
Thursday: Beef Strudel with Green Beans
Friday: Black bean and chicken soup
Saturday: Shepherd's Pie
Sunday: Brinner

Hoping my daily organizing/unpacking goes well enough to get some good pics :)

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keight dukes said...

AHHHHH!!! the gender is tomorrow?!?! i cannot WAIT to find out. are you gonna share it right away? i am thinking girl right now.