Friday, January 2, 2009

Home Making Goals 2009

Do you know what favorite part of New Year's Resolutions? That there's no day when everyone sits down and evaluates their progress (or lack-there-of).

I didn't post these sooner because I'm still working with them... I almost ditched this exercise all-together. Making a list of goals is tough for me. I LOVE planning, sorting, and organizing. But- I also love letting ideas and routines develop organically based on current needs, future desires, and the people around me. Life isn't consistent, so why would my goals remain consistent for an entire year?? Consequently, this list below is a bit uneven: some resolutions are very specific, while others are just grand ideas. In no particular order:

1. Move towards an organic, locally grown. seasonal diet/menu/shopping experience. I already joined a CSA... more on that to come!
2. Purchase more "whole" foods, less pre-packaged foods.
3. Learn how to (and actually practice) canning/freezing techniques.
4. Move towards home-made, chemical free cleaning solvents.
5. Re-think our use of the dry-cleaners. I may look into wet cleaning, instead.
6. Create (and stick to) a functional cleaning schedule.
7. Learn to knit... I hope I can find someone to teach me!
8. Practice cake decorating.
9. Enjoy at least 1 craft project/week.
10. Reduce our grocery bill monthly.
11. Get rid of any toxic products in the house. Replace with healthier options.
12. Purchase "fair-trade" whenever possible.
13. Take a quilting class.
14. Make the bed at least 5 times/week. I am really, really bad about this.

Do you have any good ones??

Happy New Year!!

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The Happy Housewife said...

Sorry I am so late in getting around to reading your goals! Great list! I hope you will update us at the end of the month!