Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What-Did-I-Make Wednesday

Side Note: Well, in the past week my "domesticity" has pretty much revolved around unpacking boxes, sorting, organizing, and putting-away. The bad part is that we're going on 2 1/2 months of this, but the good part is that it's almost done (seriously...)

Whenever I go out of town, I like to leave something for Matt. I used to write him a letter for everyday I was gone (awwww....), until I found that he never opened them, much less read them. So, now I leave food- a much more reasonable gesture. I have completely monopolized the kitchen, so Matt has no idea where anything is (you should see him try to unload the dishwasher). I'm sure he would survive without the meals; and I'm sure he would just head to the closest grocery store and buy 10 Budget Gourmets for $10. Economical, yes. Healthy, not so much.

This weekend, I'm heading to Dallas to see Kim, my amazing college roommate. (I haven't seen her since August and I'm going crazy.) We're going to shop, see friends, celebrate her promotion, etc. Matt, on the other hand, is staying home with Hula, so I'm starting his "leave behind" meals today.

This is what he's slated to get:
Sun dried tomato pasta (in fridge for Friday night and Saturday lunch)
Black Bean Soup (freezer meal)
Tomato Soup (freezer meal)
I am freezing a loaf of french bread (sliced in half) for his soups. The boy will freak without something to dip in his soup.
Hummus with freshly sliced carrots and Naan
Homemade chocolate chip cookies
Homemade strawberry lemon muffins

I will also do a shopping trip right before he goes and get things like bananas, chips/salsa, and Pirate's Booty. Does this sound like a lot of food?? Not for Matt. Matt consumes like a beast.

Long story short: tonight I am making the black bean soup and will post the recipe later.


Lauren J. said...

You're coming to Dallas????!!!???

The George Family said...

You rock! Do you have a good black bean soup? I have been looking for one for ages, we have tried lots, but nothing great.....